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Dine the Catfish Holes...

Meet   Pat  &  Janie!

Pat  and  Janie  are the owners  of  the Catfish
Holes in Alma and Fayetteville, Arkansas. You
will  often see them  serving  tables or greeting
guests when you dine at one of their locations!

Story of the Catfish Holes

From passion for the law to passion for the oil and gas
business to passion for the restaurant business...

Pat and Janie Gazzola are not newcomers to hard work.  Regardless of whatever they undertook,  there was always the passion to succeed...to be the best at whatever they pursued in life. Following his career in law, Pat and Janie invested their talents in an oil and gas business for some twenty-four years. Their tenure as family owned and managed Catfish Hole restauranteers started with the purchase in 1993 of their first restaurant in Alma, Ar, Hwy 71 North, which is known as Catfish Hole # 2.  A year later they determined to build  a new restaurant on the west side of Fayetteville on W. Wedington Dr. , which is now known as Catfish Hole # 3.  In recent months, construction of a totally new and updated Catfish Hole #2 east of  I 540  has been completed! Its location, #24 Collum Lane W, is approximately 1 block north of I 40 at Exit 13 in Alma, Arkansas.

Quality, award winning products, people-centered management, and a staff of dedicated, efficient employees, whose service is rivaled by none, have led to great success for Pat and Janie and their two Catfish Hole restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.  Catfish Hole #2 in Alma and the Fayetteville location both have about forty-five employees.. The excellent quality of service provided is rivaled only by the delectible cuisine that is served at the Catfish Holes Restaurants!

Recent sites in Catfish Hole - Fayetteville!

Dine with
us in a family-style
Decor in Catfish
Hole offers variety...

Catfish  Hole shirts & caps for sale  at   both sites

Team effort is key to success at Catfish Hole!

We have the best cooks, a wonderful
wait staff, & friendly hostesses ready to serve you!

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